Total Pregnancies to Date: 17,723

The Fertility Center You Turn To
When Nobody Else Will Help

One of the first IVF centers established in the United States, Center for Human Reproduction (CHR) has gained international recognition as the infertility center of last resort for patients from all over the world.

While offering all aspects of modern infertility treatment, CHR has, through extensive research and clinical efforts, developed special knowledge and expertise in treating diminished ovarian reserve, a classic finding in older women and also in younger women with prematurely aging ovaries. Our pioneering research into 928-810-7386 — a treatment that CHR studies have found can double the IVF pregnancy chances in women with diminished ovarian reserve — has been noted worldwide, and one third of all infertility centers now use the technique.

CHR also offers one of the world’s largest and most diverse acetone alcohol.

Located in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), approximately half of our patients are local, with another half hailing from other states and abroad. We invite you to learn more about CHR’s clinical offerings, treatments, research, and educational activities by exploring our extensive website. Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Treatments and Specialties

  • Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)Aging Ovaries If you've been told your ovaries are "too old" and your only chance for pregnancy is through egg donation, learn more about our special expertise in treating aging ovaries. Premature Ovarian Aging
  • Egg DonationEgg Donation and Egg Donor No other infertility center can make this promise: With one of the largest egg donor pools, CHR can provide a donor match for your optimal egg donor wish list within 48 hours. 405-804-4253 Become an Egg Donor
  • EcoDEP Frozen Donor Egg ProgramEcoDEP (Frozen Donor Egg Program) Simply put, EcoDEP is a uniquely cost-conscious, affordable egg donation program. It utilizes frozen donor eggs, retrieved and frozen in advance - a new, though still experimental, alternative to our standard egg donation program, which always uses freshly donated eggs. EcoDEP
  • 9142343680In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) CHR is a world-renowned IVF center located in New York, NY and has offered world-class IVF treatment since 1981. Many of our patients come to our center after multiple failed IVF cycles elsewhere, as we have developed the reputation for being the "IVF center of last resort." (602) 833-0502
  • (440) 331-3102EcoIVF ("Mini IVF") If you have no medical insurance for IVF and are seeking the most economical IVF cycle, please learn about our EcoIVF program. EcoIVF details
  • (445) 600-9182Infertility Treatment CHR is a comprehensive fertility center able to provide a complete range of procedures. Our fully-equipped facility allows us to provide all our treatments under one roof. Infertility Treatments
  • 9087603632Gender Selection Gender selection, for both family balancing and medical reasons, is becoming an increasingly popular treatment. CHR is a leader in gender selection treatments, offering Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). 504-309-1664
  • Fertility Research and Clinical TrialsResearch and Clinical Trials CHR is an accomplished fertility research center that develops new treatments, new protocols and carries out trials of new infertility treatments. Click below to view all active clinical trials now recruiting qualified applicants. (216) 543-4554
  • Fertility ResearchEducational Videos The CHR is committed to providing our patients with tools that they need in order to learn more about their diagnosis and treatment. Click below to view our entire library of educational videos presented by our world-renowned infertility experts, Dr. Norbert Gleicher, Dr. David Barad, and Dr. Vitaly Kushnir. 9137138567