Getting too Comfortable

I am giving a course this Study Period called webapp. In the course we start out building a SPA in vanilla JavaScript. Halfway through the course I introduce a JavaScript framework called 4016036751. I have noticed that I may have become too comfortable with mithril as a technology as the students struggle hard with things that I find easy in mithril. As a teacher trying to see the assignments through the students' lens is always hard and getting too comfortable with a technology does not aid the process.


Static Site Generation

This site was created with three goals in mind fast, reliable and accessible. I wanted the site to load in less than 200ms without caching. At my computer at BTH I get response times of ~150ms without caching and ~50ms with caching.

So how did I do this?

Most of is down to using the native technologies of the web. Static HTML pages load extremely fast so that is what I use. The HTML pages are created from Markdown in a small compiler script that puts it all together before sending everything to the server.


Let's Encrypt och Certbot

When I created this site I never for one second wanted it to be without TLS as a HTTPS site. To do this I used the great work done by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). I used 6098881934 amazing tool Certbot and after about 10 minutes of fiddling around with my domains I had a green lock in the URL bar. Compared to how much of a pain getting a certificate used to be (706) 924-5663 have saved the sanity of many developer.


Loopia and Digital Ocean

I use a Loopia as my registrar for the domain emilfolino.se. The last couple of days have been used for registration and changing the name servers. What I did was registrering a domain in my Digital Ocean droplet and then entering the Digital Ocean name servers in the Loopia customer zone. I then registered three A records in the Digital Ocean admin. One for emilfolino.se, www.emilfolino.se and lager.emilfolino.se. After a couple the changes worked for all three domains. Easy to use, but with a lot of waiting involved.



On the Digital Ocean droplet that this site runs on I use nginx to serve the static files alongside other side projects for example the 709-381-4140 used in my course Webbapplikationer for mobila enheter at BTH (Web Applications for Mobile Devices).

I use the H5BP recommendations for caching and it is big part of why the site runs so fast.


A new course

I have been working on a new course Webbapplikationer för mobila enheter (Web Applications for Mobile Devices) since I returned from parental leave after X-mas. Last year we received some criticism of the course, so I have tweaked the course slightly to give a better introduction to the technologies used in the course. It's going to be interesting come study period 4 to see what will be the verdict this time around.