• Grab the Snowcookie. It's still you skiing, only better.

  • Snowcookie
  • What's Snowcookie?

    Snowcookie makes you a better and connected skier. Three wireless sensors and an app capture the complete picture of your speed, technique and body position.

  • How would it feel to instantly ski better?

    Snowcookie's A.I. monitors your skiing across six critical areas and shows you what’s invisible. See the quality of your carving, details of your turns and balance.

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  • Relive your runs with 3D tracking.

    3D Tracking means that Snowcookie analyzes how your body and your skis move in real space. Replay your runs to see how your body position and technique changes in response to terrain changes.

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  • How Snowcookie will make you a better skier?

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      Let expertly trained A.I. analyze your carving, technique and body position.

    • tune


      Zero-in on the areas where you’re awesome and where there are weaknesses to crush.

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      Explore your technique and style with a 3D replay.

    • timeline


      See how you improve with each run.

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Technology meets alpine

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    Sensors on the skis

    Gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers and more geeky stuff inside.

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    Wireless charging

    Qi charge three 3 cookies at once, then charge your phone!

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    Bulletproof construction

    Rugged, vibration- and waterproof. You can’t break them.

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    Charge for 2 hours, ski for 2 days.

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What's in the box?

  • What's there to wait for?

    Snowcookie set contains everything you need to take your skiing to the next level. Inside the box, you'll find three wireless sensors, wireless charging pad with a power supply, two ski mounts with adhesive stickers, chest harness, manuals, and a nice carrying case. There are three sizes of chest harnesses S, M and L.


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