ENTPs bullied by ENTJs and ESTJs

As an ENTP i have had lot of friends as ESTJ and ENTJ types. But each one of the relationship ended in a huge mess. and one of the worst relationship that i have experienced as ENTP.

ENTPs are one of the most free spirited, non-conformists and non-judgemental people you will meet. This goes against the very basic beliefs / core principles of ESTJs and ENTJs.

The relationship with ESTJs almost always had ended in ENTPs bullied and belittled by EXTJs.

From all of these experiences it appears to me that ENTPs dont get along the best with ESTJ and ENTJs.

EXTJ personality types just doesnt seem to like and have admiration and respect for ENTP personality types.  And as an ENTP you can save yourself from a Heart Break if we do ourselves a favor and keep away from EXTJ types.



Astrological Signs of someone attracted to Same age Partner

Men want younger women … this is what women think … But this is not TRUE

Because men exist who do not find younger women attractive. I have never been fallen for and attracted to a women who is younger than me … while had a lot of crushes on same age women.

Women who are way younger than me is actually a turn off in a romantic relationship. Because I see my partner as my best friend and we look for best friend in a same age person. There are surely exceptions.

But for friendship we generally feel comfortable with someone who is same age than compared to you.

Some people get attracted to partners who are older or same age. While some others get attracted towards a partner who is younger than them.

This differs from person to person. And has nothing to do with gender.

If you find a guy who insist that he loves you despite being same age. Then it’s a sign that you are in the company of someone who is attracted towards older mature partners.

Men with cancer Sign or with Dominant Moon in their Birth Chart are generally attracted to more older or same age partners. Cancer sign wants a mature partner.

In my entire life I have never been attracted to a younger lady.


I just woke up one day and found myself in a situation where my github repository stopped accepting pushes from my local computer.

This continued for many days until i finally figured out what was wrong. The problem was with the email setting which i changed recently.

If you check on the “Keep my email address private” setting. The github will stop accepting your pushes.

So uncheck this setting and enjoy.


Stackoverflow Link



Sometimes a file may contain sensitive data like an API key and you may want to remove this file from the git repository. Let us see how can we achieve that in this article.


Use git rm:

git rm file1.txt
git commit -m "remove file1.txt"

But if you want to remove the file only from the Git repository and not remove it from the filesystem, use:

git rm --cached file1.txt
git commit -m "remove file1.txt"

And to push changes to remote repo

git push origin branch_name  


Source : /stackoverflow.com/questions/2047465/how-can-i-delete-a-file-from-git-repo

Few Tips to Overcome Depression

Depression is more common than you think. Everybody in human life go through depression at least once in a lifetime. There is nothing to be ashamed  about it. It’s how the human life is supposed to be. This is how the god and nature conceived the human life to be.

Sometimes Depression could come in your life and go away automatically. Because as human beings we are growing each day and trying to learn and improve our lives. Sometimes you may need the help of other person if the depression become too difficult to understand and handle in your case.

Each person would have different cause which makes them fall under depression and therefore suggesting a single set of method for everyone will not help them in order to overcome depression.

You have to study your case and figure out the underlying causes according to your situation. The solutions you may require to overcome depression.

Each person may have different issue and each issue will have to be resolved and addressed differently.

If the depression is due to a relationship / friendship then you need to fix and work over that friendship and address the issues which is preventing you to fixing the bad relationship. The issues could be lack of maturity and certain lessons which you are yet to learn in life.

If the depression is due to your job then you may want to consider changing your job and switching to other job.

There could be Different reasons behind each different case of depression.

But still there are some common issues which most of the people face and if you address these issues it will help you a lot in your journey of overcoming depression.

We list below the common causes which occur in majority of the cases of depression

  1. Addictions
  2. Sexual Behaviour
  3. Eating Habits
  4. Cleanliness and Hygiene
  5. Sleep Habits
  6. Work out and Exercise
  7. Negative Thoughts and negative thinking
  8. Purpose in Life
  9. Decisions you make in your Life
  10. Sometimes you just need a change or a push
  11. Loneliness


There are many different kinds of addictions. Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and many other forms of addiction. Just keep in mind that any kind of addiction severely bring down your energy levels and results into long term depression.

Some people are more prone to addiction than other people. So if you are prone to addiction keep yourself away from alcohol, and any other substance which can be addictive.


Sexual Behaviour

Sex is all forms is not the same. Different kinds of sexual behaviour have different vibrations. Some are positive, some are negative and some other are severely negative.

It depends on the kind of sexual behaviour you indulge in.

There are certain sexual behaviours which will not degenerate your health. While others will bring you down and even result into depression.

Speaking in simple terms sexual relationship with someone you genuinely love and intend to have a long term relationship is not unhealthy. While other kinds of sexual behaviours like pornography and adultery are the kind of behaviours which may severely degrade your health.  Such behaviours may end up making you addicted to sex.

To keep your sexual behaviour under a safe boundary just ensure that you don’t have sex outside marriage or a marriage like relationship. If you follow this safe boundary your sexual desire cools down and stay under safe limit and does not become addictive.

This is one of the major reason why sex outside of marriage is considered bad in all the major religions of the world.

Sexual behaviour is also associated with eating habits. If you eat junk food you may crave sex more. So just by ensuring that you eat healthy diet you can reduce and bring your sex drive under control.

We study more about eating healthy in our next section.

Eating Habits and Diet

Eating junk food and eating unhealthy food brings down your energy levels. Therefore you need to give up bad eating habits and junk food.

Non-Vegetarian food and Dairy both are unhealthy and you need to give up if you want to have positive vibrations and positive energy.

Non-Vegetarian food is based on a highly negative belief that we have to hurt others and cause pain to other soul in order to feed yourself and survive. This is false and nature have designed us in such a way that we can live a completely happy life without hurting anyone.

Dairy unlike what most of us are made to believe is not so much healthy. Just keep in mind any food which is obtained from hurting others is a bad food.

Even if you are a vegan / vegetarian there is still further scope you can improve your diet and make it more healthy. You need to give up refined foods and processed foods. Refined foods like sugar and oil is damaging to your health. and not truly necessary.

You may not be aware that food with very good taste can be cooked without using oil and sugar and very less salt.

If you have an option to eat a raw tomato or a tomato sauce then consider eating a raw tomato. The processed foods like tomato sauce has lower energy vibrations. Eating food ingredients in its unprocessed form is more healthier option compared to eating a processed version of that food ingredient.

Ensure that you eat lot of fruits and vegetables. You can in fact overcome your depression if you follow a fruitarian diet just for 10 days. Fruit has a lot of positive energy and can lift you out of depression very quickly.

Follow good eating habits. Eat only when you are hungry. Do not over eat and do not under eat also. Eat in a balanced amount. Eat different kinds of foods and keep a variety in your food. To ensure to get all the possible amount of nutrition.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Based on my own person experience. Lack of cleanliness and hygiene brings down your energy levels. Ensuring cleanliness and hygiene also helps us overcome our unhealthy sexual desire and lack of cleanliness and hygiene may encourage unhealthy behaviours like addiction to pornography.

Yes from my own experience i learned that when i was not following cleanliness and hygiene i was drawn towards unhealthy behaviours like watching pornography which clearly indicates lack of cleanliness brings your energy levels down.

We need to ensure cleanliness and hygiene in our life. Wash your bedsheets, wash your clothes,  take a bath and keep your home clean whenever appropriate.

But yeah don’t overdo it. Just like you don’t need to eat if you are not feeling hungry. You don’t need to clean when things are not dirty.

Sleep Habits

A good Sleep is one of the basic requirements of life. We need proper sleep just like we need food and water.

Don’t Compromise on it. Have enough sleep 8 hours per day. And i have heard that sleeping early and waking up early is the best policy for sleep.



Work out and Exercise

There could be reasons due to which you may end up having a lifestyle which does not include a lot of physical work. This can be awful because our physical body is not designed for such a lifestyle. If you have less physical activity then it may degrade your health and even your mental performance.

By ensuring you have sufficient physical activity you ensure that your body has enough oxygen supply and your physical body remains in good shape and health.


Negative Thoughts and negative thinking

Negative thinking or say false beliefs. These are the kind of beliefs which are source of worry, fear / anxiety and depression.

Yeah negative beliefs / False beliefs are the true cause of depression. Negative thoughts leads to stress in life and long term stress leads to depression.

To overcome negative thinking we need to think deeply or just be take the guidance of people who are surrounded by positive energy.


Purpose in your life

The kind of primary goal you choose has a huge affect on success and happiness in your life. If you end up choosing a materialistic purpose in your life you would end up unhappy in long term. If you choose a good purpose in life you will find long term peace and happiness.

A good purpose is the one where you choose to be selfless. You want to make others people happy. You put other people’s needs before your needs and give up your desire for respect, popularity, profits and money. For a saint who is keen on helping the people and society it makes no difference how much respect , fame , popularity and money he earns. When you work towards helping other people you will find long term peace and satisfaction.

But if you have self centered goals in your life the happiness you will find is materialistic and lasts only for short term.

Lot of people end up living a materialistic life who later end up give up materialism when they realize it gives depression not happiness. They change for better and become a good person.

Depression is often a sign of major life change. It transform people for better. It shows you your flaws so that you can change your life for better.

Decisions you make in your Life

The decisions you make in your life has a huge contribution towards depression. Depression is often an outcome of bad decisions we make in our life. Most of the cases of depression can be prevented if we just ensure that we make decisions in life after doing a proper research. It is very important that you make decisions carefully and do a sufficient amount of research.

Bad decisions in important areas of life can be very damaging and may lead to situation where you may end up falling into depression.

For example making career into a field which you do not enjoy may end up leading to depression in the long term. Choosing a life partner which you do not genuinely love may also lead to depression in the long term because you have to live with a relationship which lacks love.

So when making important decisions in your life do not rush and make these decisions after doing a proper amount of research, counselling and advice. If you feel that you are unable to make a decision then seek guidance. The guidance of other people can help you make a good decision.


Sometimes you just need a change or a push

Sometimes depression occur because your life has become too stagnant and boring. And you just need a change in your routine. Switch your job and change your city. Change your career or give your life a change it is looking for if your life feels too boring.

And also remember that sometimes you just need to push yourself to experience the new things in life which your soul has been waiting from so many days.



Loneliness is often an outcome of underlying problem or issue. If you end up being alone it does indicate some lifestyle problem.

There are phases of life in everyone’s life where someone may end up being alone. But they go away with time. You don’t need to actively pursue people for making new friendships. Friendships are formed automatically as we progress through our life.

We all have different life purpose and interests and based on that we make friendships with different kinds of people.

Make good friendships and value them so that you don’t end up alone in life.


Conclusion and Final Words

The issues we discussed are the issues faced by majority of the people. There could be other reasons also which may cause depression.

Keep in mind that depression is very common. It’s just that most people don’t share their experience of depression makes us think that depression is rare and make us feel ashamed of ourselves when we end up falling into depression.

Any person who has gained maturity in life will never put you down for falling under depression.

Remember that there is nothing to be ashamed about falling into depression. Often times it transform people and help them become a better human being.



The vegetables are cooked in a pressure cooker. This is a very easy to cook recipe. Which cooks in just about 5 minutes.   

Nutrients are preserved because of low cooking time and tastes very good. It can be eaten with chapati (Indian Bread) or Rice. 


Cooking Equipments Required

  • Pressure Cooker



  1. Capcicum : 250 gram capcicum
  2. Potato : 1-2 medium size potatoes
  3. Tomato : 2-3 full size tomatoes
  4. Onions : 1 Medium size onion
  5. Garam Masala : 1 tablespoon garam masala
  6. Black Pepper : a pinch of black pepper according to taste
  7. Chilli Pepper : 1 – 2 cut in small pieces  
  8. Turmeric (Haldi) : a pinch of Turmeric (haldi)
  9. Salt – To taste



You will need a pressure cooker for this recipe. 

Step : 1

Wash all the vegetables and cut them into medium size pieces.

Step : 2

Put all the vegetables into the pressure cooker. All salt, garam masala, turmeric, black pepper. Mix them. Do not add water. Close the lid of pressure cooker and cook on full burner (full flame of gas).

Cooking Note :

Please Note that we do not add water to ensure that the vegetables have a crunch in them. The water in the tomatoes is enough for the cooking of the vegetables. The vegetables also release their water while cooking therefore adding of water is not required. 


Step : 3

You have to cook the vegetables on full burner and wait for the first whistle. After the first whistle turn off the burner. Empty the steam from the pressure cooker ASAP and remove the lid immediately. This quick removal of the lid ensures that vegetables hold their crunch and nutrients are preserved due to low cooking time. 

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In this article we list some of the best libraries used for android development.

Standard Essential Libraries

These libraries have become an essential part of android ecosystem. They simplify android development to a great extent that you simply cannot imaging developing an android app without using them.

  1. Event Bus
  2. Retrofit
  3. Ok-Http
  4. Picasso
  5. Glide
  6. ButterKnife
  7. Dagger 2

User Interface Libraries

  1. Rough Hike Bottombar
  2. Smiley Rating :
  3. Gesture Views : Make an image Slider
  4. UCrop : Image Cropping and Resize Library
  5. Lottie : Animation Library by Airbnb

Other Good Libraries

  1. One Signal
  2. Fabric Crash Analytics
  3. Android Image Picker : /github.com/esafirm/android-image-picker

Problems in Indian Diet : Reduce pot belly and get in shape

When we are past the age of 30 most of the people start to get out of shape and their health starts to degenerate. Men start to become bald and you get a pot belly.

There are very few people who are able to remain in Good shape and don’t get a pot belly. After passing the age of 30.

You will be surprised to know that there are few very simple tips which if you follow you will not get a pot belly and you can even prevent getting bald even as you grow old. And the key improvement here is your diet.

Yes first thing you need is to understand that the standard Indian Diet is not a healthy diet. Its a junk diet. And most people don’t realize that. If you eat a junk diet how can you ensure that you remain in shape and healthy ?

Getting a pot belly are not aging effects these are the symptoms of bad health. And we can indeed ensure that we remain in shape and good health even after 30.

The standard diet that we Indians eat. There is a fundamental problem with that. If we take certain precautions and eat a healthy diet we can certainly overcome these common problems. You will not have pot belly. Men will not go through baldness. You need to understand that the diet we consume is not healthy.

We eat so much oil and refined sugars, refined products and processed foods. If we consume such a diet then our health will not last very long and we are sure to suffer from bad shape and other health problems.

90 % of people in india consume junk diet and therefore 90 % get out of shape after 30.

If you want to eat a healthy diet then you need to give up eating refined foods like oils, sugar and minimize the consumption of salt. Stop eating processed foods and prefer to consume vegetables in its natural forms. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and don’t sacrifice on that. Give up Non-vegetarian diet if you have been a non-vegetarian.

Now many people would have a question in their minds how is it possible to cook food and eat food without oil. It is in fact possible to cook food without oil. And it tastes good also. To find recipes to cook food without oil you just need to search on the google / internet and you will find plenty of websites / blogs which have lots of oil free recipes.