ConceptWare is working on giving you the means to be effectively more intelligent.

We’ll do that by expanding your effective memory capacity as well as the ability to identify novel connections between bits of knowledge stored in that memory.  To do this requires respect for what humans do well, and what we don’t, and to prioritize optimization for human use over computational efficiency.

Our approach is knowledge item centered based on intuitive descriptions you provide for your items. This has the effect of turning the knowledge object inside out – the system “knows” something about what you think about the object, and that can be used to find it later.

Our knowledge map, the taxonomy of your information, is evaluated on the fly during the retrieval process.  Since our map is not static, we use searches based on ad hoc description, and graphical and map navigation tools to select items for retrieval.  Previously unappreciated connections between knowledge objects are revealed as a natural consequence of this approach.

Ubiquitous access is increasingly important as our mobile devices become more competent.  ConceptWare will deliver your knowledge on the web, and via the various mobile and stationary devices currently in use, as well as those so far only envisioned.

To enable all the above we have developed our own Universal Object Persistence (UOP) technology which we think has great potential for many additional applications.

We are very excited by this technology and our ability to make a real difference. We’re just getting started, expect great things.