Where did the painting come from?

I listened to the music of birds.

Tareq offered to help the old lady cross the street.

Gail felt he was rejected.

I think Sho will be happy with the results.

I don't think I'm narrow-minded.


He fashioned a noose out of the bed sheets and hung himself in his cell.

Alfred explained it to Spass very carefully.

I'll act on your advice.


In a democracy, the people elect their government officials directly.


It's a gift.


Neil has a bachelors degree in aerospace engineering from Purdue University. He also has a masters degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Southern California.


The brain has a complex structure.


Everybody has the right to talk their way out of things.

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They all looked happy.

I'd like to be a graduate student through the test after graduation.

Stuart was accused of collaborating with the enemy.


Raman was really scared.

These sentences are strange.

I've got nothing you could use.

I like her none the less for her faults.

Can art change the world?

We must not be late.

I feel awful about what I said.


When was the last time you saw her?


This plan is acceptable to all.

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I can't hear Sundaresan.

That never happened, of course.

She dreamt about wild jaguars.

Listening to the personal analysis about global economy made by people who watch only CCAV has always been kinda funny.

How many brothers and sisters did Marika have?

"Can I come over and talk to you?" "I'd like that."

Tad came here to help me.

This story tells me something.

Shutoku got his parole.

They think it was arson.

I apologize for her.

Jagath was sentenced to community service.

All the students are already in the classroom.

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Are there any more details?

I knew that Syd would come.

The final match was not so exciting.


Let me know if anything strange happens.

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We would appreciate it if you would contact Mr. Hirose.

I was stabbed in the back by my subordinate.

We should be someplace else.

Janet is with me.

You know what you should do, don't you?

I regret not having studied hard for the test.

It did more harm than good.

They're ruining their clothing.

I said I'd go.

That's not important right now.

I think you should go to college.

Mat is afraid to go there by himself.

Hazel moved over so that Part could sit next to him.

Would you like to take a stroll around the park with me?

Nothing is so pleasant as taking a walk along the seaside on a fine day.


There is no third choice.


I hear a sound in the distance.

Did Ken and Joe eat lunch about noon?

I've heard that some people sleep in bathtubs.


She must be angry with me.

Would you like to make a formal complaint?

There's no one to look after her.


Donald picked up the broken glass.


Be joyful and merry for it's the jolly season.


Their view of life may appear strange.

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Shut up and do what you're told to do.

God bless America.

In the past, people went to church for confession. Nowadays they write on Facebook.

Today is a nice day for a picnic, I'll tell you what.

I thought it was a coincidence.


Whenever she comes back from a journey, she brings a gift for her daughter.

Cristopher knows some French.

I think I can prove it.

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Sorry, I won't do it without a rubber.

Take precautions.

Let's take a short drive this afternoon.


It took me by surprise to hear that Carl was moving to Germany.

Do as Sam says.

It's strange that you don't know anything about that matter.

We didn't try.

Ramneek is always looking at you.

If you have something to say, just say it.

This remains untold.

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Japan and South Korea are neighbors.

The situation John described actually happened once in Boston.

Mitchell's realisation that she was gay plunged her into a reactive depression.

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Raman frequently has lucid dreams.

A cow cannot jump from the tree like a unicorn.

Was that what Heinz said?


For others, it is a vision of what could be.

You should wear a coat.

It was quite dark when I got home.

You wash yourself.

A stallion is a male horse.

An idea is an immaterial model of a real or a supposed element of reality. An idea is a fragment of our thoughts. When we think something, that single thought is an idea. Ideas are the atoms of the thoughts, and thoughts are a combination of ideas.

In Russian, the words for "caress, endearment" and "least weasel" are homonymous and possibly related etymologically.

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The spacious plain spread as far as the eye can see, dotted with groves here and there.


I'm taking Grant to his favorite restaurant.

I'm getting older and tired.

"Story be damned!" said the Time Traveller. "I want something to eat. I won't say a word until I get some peptone into my arteries. Thanks. And the salt."

When did you work in Boston?

He taught me how to swim.

You should act more calmly.

Let me know as soon as he comes.

Vance walked to the parking lot.

I couldn't for the most part make out what she said.

They are in the final part of the race.

Do you like our wedding cake?

Sundaresan forgave Kimmo breaking her promise.

We hope so.

If I borrow the money, I feel like I'll lose my autonomy.

What method did you use to give up smoking?

It's artificial.

Jacob is indiscreet.

The soldiers' food supply is running out.

I thought I could settle it by phone.

I was there yesterday.

I have doubts about his career.

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I am on visiting terms with her.

Was there something wrong with the car?

Lynne works for an oil company.

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I like outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.


Alan is the only one in our family who knows how to speak French.

Vidhyanath seems to be very busy.

I'm still afraid of you.

If we didn't have any flaws, we wouldn't take such a great pleasure in noticing them in others.

Dan told me the biggest lie I've ever heard.

I see this house.

I appreciate the offer.

Jose doesn't think that will ever happen.

Nobody can disrupt true friendships.

Rules apply to everyone.

You're lucky you're so small.

He came to find her a man.

Slowly the allies advanced north through Italy.

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They're ready.


It's good to see you again.

I wonder who killed him.

I will look the other way.

This music is from the 40s.

Gary looked up quickly.

We just relaxed and had fun.

I just want to be comfortable.

That's water off a duck's back.

The confusion beggars description.

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The war is over.

Tell me if there's anything I can do to help.

We're going to send you home.


Boston is a long way from Chicago.


This ball is the treasure of that boy.


By the way, would you like to come and see my mother?

Things have gotten a little busy recently.

Jef has broken something again.


She did not let me into her secret.

There's something iffy about the situation.

Kenton left the front door open when he left.

Are you learning Irish on your own?

I have to jump off here.